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More Reviews. More Leads. More Customers… Less Stress.


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if you are tired of…


stress of inconsistent leads and flux of jobs on the board


wasting time and money on mismanaged or inexperienced marketing


trouble keeping crew members from leaving for more money or steadier work


trouble communicating the quality and value along with price to prevent being underbid

Taking the Stress Out of Finding Quality Leads

Tired of the flux of jobs from week to week? Feel like you’re stuck wearing too many hats? Ever wonder how your competition got so many reviews on Facebook? Are you interested in a way to overcome the cash flow rollercoaster? Ready to get more customers?

About the Owner

Hi, my name is Ryan Robillard and I’m a husband, father of two, and the owner of Roofing Sidekick and RobiDigital. 

For over 15 years, I’ve been building websites for a variety of small businesses and online companies. Over the past few years, I have been looking to focus our business to better serve a specific industry.

My dad and two uncles have worked in the roofing and building industries for as long as I can remember, all owning small businesses themselves. As I moved to further specialize it only made sense to help roofing contractors.

I’ve been around the business and know how to use the web to generate more revenue and financial freedom for our customers.

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You’ve probably asked yourself a thousand times… How can I get more jobs using the web without wasting more time and money?

I’ve been down a similar road.

I remember back when I was more or less a one-man show in my business.

I was always working my ass off with the hope to grow much larger, but either never had or never made the time to do the things that would move the needle.

Every client project and every little decision passed through my hands. I had trouble trusting and letting go of the reins.

I always heard, “You need to spend more time working on the business than in the business.”

Could it be possible that there are people within my reach and network that are more skilled in certain areas and well suited to handle certain duties? Is it possible that paying someone else would give my business more leverage and momentum?

Of course, how could I possibly be the best at everything and why should I be running uphill when I can bring a lot more value doing the things I’m best at.

Through trust, delegation, and partnering with the right people I was able to finally get some of the traction I was looking for.

During that time I debunked some myths…


“Nobody else will do it the way it needs be done.”


“Maybe if I invest in more training, I’ll get the important work done.”


“I’ll hold off on marketing until I have the budget for advertising.”


“It’ll be quicker if I just do it myself.”

Grow Your Roofing Business Today

More Reviews. More Leads. More Customers… Less Stress.


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Who is Roofing Sidekick…

We help roofing companies generate more qualified leads and increase revenue using the web and digital strategy, saving the company time, money, and headaches.

What we’re not…

This is not just another useless website. Head over to SquareSpace for those.

This is not another scammy, fly-by-night, SEO service or #1 on Google guarantee.

This is not for the roofers focused on always being the lowest bidder.

This is not for the roofers who cut corners to save a buck.

We work with professional and honest roofing companies who want more consistent revenue, so they can continue to provide quality products and services to their customers!


Some strategies we’ll share…

Review Funnels

Gather and curate reviews from your happiest customers.

Lead Funnels

Qualify and capture leads from your website visitors daily.

Local SEO

Optimize your website and listings to rank higher than your competition.

What you’ll get…

30 Minute Web Meeting

We’ll connect on screen and over the phone so we can review your current situation and web assets together.


Next Steps

Action items as key takeaways so you can get started immediately after the call.

Follow-up Report

Following our call, we’ll provide an actionable report based on our post-strategy-call review.

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