When marketing a local business online, the number one goal is to increase search engine ranking.

Google looks at three key metrics when evaluating a site for positioning, which are

  1. Authority
  2. Trust
  3. Age

We’ve outlined below, five free and easy to follow online marketing tips for roofing companies to improve reputation with Google.

1. Familiarize yourself with Google Webmaster Guidelines

The Google Webmaster Guidelines are sort of like the holy grail of creating a site which Google considers to be high quality. Most of what is in here is common sense and as long as you put real time into creating good content and update your site on a regular basis, you should not be frowned upon by Google. Follow the guidelines in everything you do and you’re sure to help your search engine ranking. The guidelines can be found here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35769?hl=en

2. Focus on building trust through delivering value

On the web competition is fierce and there are most likely multiple roofing contractors in your local area competing for every lead that comes your way. In this modern landscape it is critical to set yourself apart from the competition. It’s easiest to set yourself apart by being a little more creative and doing things that the majority of the competition isn’t doing. Think about building trust with your visitors. Show them that you want to help them as much as you possibly can. Get the relationship started on the right foot by taking the role of the professional service provider and offering a hand. A good example of this would be to not only create a blog post, but to take it to the next level and create a video to include with the post. The could show them how to do something of value such as doing their own visual inspection of the roof to see if it requires cleaning or repairs. Maybe a couple photos would serve the purpose just as well, but when they see that you took the time to record a video and they hear your voice as you walk them through the process, it will definitely give them a stronger sense of trust. A few examples of companies creating educational videos can be found here:

It’s also worth noting that since YouTube is owned by Google they do give some extra weight to companies utilizing their tools.

3. Signup for a Google My Business Page

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to boost ranking is to list yourself on Google’s own business listing platform, Google My Business. You’ll have the option of selecting between two types of pages, either a Location or a Brand Page. For most roofing companies which are set in a specific geographic region you want to choose to create a location. By doing so your business listing will also actually create a listing on Google maps, which helps people find you when searching from Google Maps on the web or on their mobile phone. Your listing will also now have the potential to show up in the Google Local Pack in the organic search results. And again, Google loves when companies use their services and will give a few extra points to those using them.

More on Google My Business here

4. Claim your listings and keep them consistent

Google prefers that a business’s information is consistent from site to site. There are many directories on the web which have populated their categories with company information using various sources. The sources they use may not always be up-to-date and will require you to claim the listings and update the information. Search for your business name on Google and dig deep through the results for any sites that list your company name. When you find the listings make sure to claim them and make sure your contact info, hours, and services all match each other. Consistency = Quality.

5. Ask customers for reviews

Buyers consistently call the service providers with the highest ratings and the most ratings. Most sites where you have a business listing such as Google My Business or Home Advisor will allow visitors to leave reviews and ratings. It’s your job to let your customers know where your listings are so they can get online and help your rating. Most satisfied customers will be more than happy to do this for you as long as you make it as easy as possible. Create a simple landing page with a short URL which directs them to each of your online listings. You can provide them with the link on the top of your invoices and even send them a follow-up email with it after the job is complete. Taking these simple steps will surely increase your rating and get your phone ringing. Note that it is against some listing site’s terms of use to request reviews from customers. An example is Yelp, who does not allow you to request views from customers. With sites like these it’s best to not explicitly request reviews, otherwise your listing may be penalized. You can see more about Yelp’s policy here.

Of course, these tips aren’t the end all be all of online marketing, but just a few things to keep in mind and get you started. If you have questions or comments please contact us.