The Promise
If you’re here and reading this then there’s a good chance that you could use more quality reviews from your satisfied customers. If you read through to the end of this post and follow the tips below you’ll be getting more reviews before you know it.
The Problem
The problem that so many roofing contractors are facing online is that there is so much competition and your potential customers can find your competition just as easily as they find you. When they’re doing their research and shopping for a new roof they’re going to look at the reviews just the same as any savvy online shopper would look at the reviews before they purchase a new appliance for their house, a new pair of shoes off Zappos, or a new book off Amazon. It doesn’t matter what you do these days everyone checks reviews before spending their hard-earned cash. Unfortunately, if your roofing company doesn’t have enough reviews or a high rating on Google, Yelp, Angie’s list, insert other directory here, or a combination of, your chances of getting calls from people that found you on those websites are not nearly as good. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t done a lot of work or that you don’t have a lot of satisfied customers. What it probably means is that you haven’t taken the necessary steps to generate the reviews. What you need is a review funnel.
Bust a Myth
Many people think that just because they come up on the first page of Google when someone searches “roofing company in my town” that they’re going to get a call, but that is not the case. Along with your roofing company’s online listings (local citations) a number of your competitors will come up and in large part it’s going to come down to who has the most reviews with the best rating – that’s what builds trust and confidence in the buyer before they pick up the phone. 
Teach the Takeaways (3-5 key points/paragraphs on what they can do to solve their problem)
Here are some things you can do to start generating those reviews that your business needs.
Design and print some simple business card size or larger “leave behinds” that you can leave with a customer with the paid receipt once the job is complete. These leave behinds should draw their attention with some colorful graphics so we’reicon is asking if they’re satisfied and to please visit your website or visit your Facebook page to leave a review. Page is the website address that you put on the leave behind could just be a single page built for this purpose on your website that provides links to your different online listings where they can leave reviews. I would also recommend placing a comments form on that same page so that if they have any complaints they will fill that out rather than posting a public review.
Take the review landing page a step further… 
Rookie Mistake
Next Steps (call to action – lead capture)

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