SEO Case Study – HopHavoc.com

A Slow eCommerce Site Not Getting Enough Orders

The Brief

A while back, Dylan, the owner of HopHavoc.com reached out to us with a website that looked good and had lots of great products but was loading very slowly (sometimes not at all) and wasn’t getting as many online orders as he would’ve liked.

Our Approach

Since Dylan was a new customer, we started by doing two things.

  1. Setting up Google Analytics
  2. Running security and performance tests

Looking at the test results, it was immediately apparent there were performance issues related to the web host and also with the website itself. The issues were causing pages to load slowly and sometimes not at all. A slow loading site hurts search engine rankings and has a negative impact on sales.

The initial performance scans produced scores of 66/100 (PageSpeed) and 66/100 (YSlow).

With these results, we knew we needed to move the site to our performance-optimized WordPress hosting service with a WebCare plan to keep everything running smoothly, then start remediating any contributing technical issues.

Next, we reviewed the Analytics reports and did some keyword research. We found that traffic was light and rankings for their top product keywords were non-existent.

We then met with Dylan to discuss our findings and recommended an Organic Search (SEO) campaign with a minimum 6-month term to boost his traffic and sales.

The Result

After moving the site and some on-site performance optimizations during the first 60 days we had the PageSpeed and YSlow scores up to 80% and 84% respectively, which is good without a major overhaul.

The SEO campaign was showing positive results in the first 60 days and here is what we saw after only 120 days –

  • 3 target keywords on page 1 of Google
  • 200% increase in traffic
  • 3x gross sales of any prior month in month 4 alone
  • 3-4 orders/day vs 2-3 orders/week when we started
  • International orders coming in since month 3
  • New customers reporting they found the site on Google

Here is what Dylan had to say when we checked in with him in month 5 –

“The improved rankings and increased sales have solidified our name as a real player in the industry. This has opened doors with some of the larger brokerages…”

“…We’re really happy with the results so far. I’d like to extend the campaign for 90 days and upgrade to a higher SEO package after that.”

This sure was great to hear, after all, getting results for our customers is why we’re in business!

Check out HopHavoc’s website and their awesome selection of bulk hop varieties!

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“Meet Ryan from RobiDigital, he is who I have been using for Hop Havoc’s website and they are crushing it for us right now. Cheers!”
Dylan Krzywonski