Managing a successful roofing company means bringing in a constant stream of leads to improve the number of jobs you book. Since the roofing industry is always on-demand and not a business where repeat customers are scarce, your roofer marketing strategy is vital.

How to Make More Money

When prospects need roofing services – especially when they’re in a crisis – they’ll browse Google and reach the first company they notice in their search results. As such, the higher your company ranks in local listings, the more clients your business will bring in. As you create your roofing marketing plan, the priority is high ranking for local searches on the web and mobile.

How to Gain Customer Trust

Your roofing business requires a professional online appearance, with a quality website. Your website must include information about how long you’ve been in the roofing industry, the services you provide, as well as an email and phone number where customers can reach you. This is a significant hub for your online reputation and is your first impression on potential customers.

Your roofing company website must load quickly and be mobile-friendly. Since 2015, more search queries are coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers – and that continues today. To get users to convert, make sure the users have a great experience on your site, regardless of the device they are using.  That could mean requesting more information, sending you an email, or filling out a form on your website.

How to Add Your Roofing Services To Google Maps

First, you’ll need to add your business to Google Maps. From there, you’ll need to use the main keyword in your business name. This can affect your NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistency, but if you’re ranking decently, it’s usually worth it. You can also go back to all your other local listings and modify the NAP to the new keyword-focused business name for added benefit. Claiming your business listing in Google enables you to present a verified status. This action will grant you more control over what users will see when they click your listing.

How to Improve Your Google My Business Listing

You’ll need to enter your phone number, website address, hours, a description of your business, business categories, business details, and profile images. For the roofing industry, you could select “Roofing Contractor” as an option. Use out all your categories. Answer all of the questions Google has and allow it to gather  all the information it needs about your business. Manage the posts feature to inform people about what’s going on in your business. Make use of the questions and answers section to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Another good idea is to allow messaging and booking so clients can message you or book appointments directly, without ever leaving Google. 

How to Get More Roofing Leads Through Fast Response

Your roofing website should make it easy for prospects to reach you. You can do this with a chatbot option and with a downloadable mobile app if you have one. At a minimum, it should position your contact information somewhere accessible. Make it more accessible for users to review your roofing business. Reviews are an essential part of search engine optimization because they impact your ranking.

Once your site is producing roofing leads, response time is critical to booking a job. People may call the first option they notice, but they won’t certainly go with the first one they call. In emergencies, customers are likely to choose the first company to respond. A study showed the odds of reaching a lead if called in five minutes compared to 30 minutes drop 100 times.  It also revealed that those who contact leads within an hour were seven times more likely to qualify the lead than companies who waited an hour later. Impressive, right?

How to Get Reviews as a Roofer

The best thing to do with satisfied customers is to encourage them to leave reviews so your business can show potential leads just how satisfied actual customers are.

Recommendations and customer reviews are the foundation of many local businesses. Ask, without being too insistent, people to leave reviews for you on Google and Facebook, as these can improve your ranking. Begin by reaching out to former customers to ask them to leave reviews. When you complete a roofing job, you can ask in person.

Have you considered sending an email or text message after ending a roofing job, kindly asking clients to leave a written review sharing their roofing experience with others? Beyond Google and Facebook, you may want to consider sites such as HomeAdvisor, Porch, and Yelp.

How to Do Social Media for Roofers

Social media presence plays a significant role in how Google ranks your website. Therefore, your roofing company should embrace social media as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Start simple, with a Facebook Page, where you share content related to roof materials and maintenance. In addition to extensive roof information, share photos and videos of your work, and don’t forget to present your services too. Produce blog content on your website and share it to promote your business on Facebook. Be mindful of the way people are interacting with you on the platform and concentrate on customer feedback.

How to Master Referral Marketing and Community Partnerships For Roofers

As a roofing expert, you can grow your business and support others in your area with strategic connections throughout your community. Consider your local hardware store, for instance. Meet with them, having your business cards and brochures on you. Describe what you do and ask if they’d agree to send prospects your way. To encourage them a bit more, procure some of your supplies from the store if you’re not already doing so. This is successful with corporate brands, too, since buyers expect employees to know quality contractors. Start partnerships with home builders to provide roofing services for them. You could join the National Roofing Contractors Association and other roofing trade organizations. 

How To Leverage Paid Advertising in Roofing Marketing

Paid advertising can be a great way to make the most out of your lead generating efforts. Your ad will show up in relevant searches on Google, and in the sidebar or news feed of people who match your target audience on Facebook. Investing in paid advertising, when executed correctly to maximize profits, is estimated to generate twice your ad investment in new business. You can also show ads on the home improvement sites you’re making use of to build your review profiles, including Angie’s List or Thumbtack.

Bottom Line

Roofer marketing isn’t much different than conventional online marketing. It focuses on building a high-quality online presence to draw in new customers regardless of industry. Whether you practice new roofing, roof repair, or commercial roofing, your marketing efforts should point out what makes you the best choice in your service area.

With these best practices and little ingenuity, your roofing business could experience an increased number of leads.

You don’t have to market your roofing business alone, either. Our team at Roofing Sidekick is here to help you develop remarkable marketing strategies. Your campaigns will include careful research, smart budgeting, and expert customization to create the best ROI.

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